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Scope Get Inclusive: Access to Work

Date: 02nd February 2021

There has been lots of research from Scope and other organisations on the extra costs of living and working for disabled people.

These costs can include travel, equipment, medical and household costs.

Employers often worry about the costs of employing a disabled person or someone with a health codition. Many are not aware of a government scheme designed to support these workplace costs.

The scheme is Access to Work.

What is Access to Work?

Access to Work helps with some of the costs of going to work for people with additional needs. This grant can be for new staff and existing employees who become disabled or develop a mental or physical health condition.

It can offer support with:

  • communication support at interviews
  • aids and equipmen
  • adapting equipment to make it easier for them to use
  • travel to work
  • a wide variety of support workers, including a job coach or sign language interpreter
  • The Mental Health Support Service

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