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Reimagining support for male mental health

Date: 27th February 2024
Reimagining support for male mental health
Last week, we hosted an excellent workshop for the Diversity Project Mental Health supporters focussing on the science behind male mental health. It was run by the energetic Ryan Parke who is a coach and men’s mental health expert.
Not only was Ryan brilliantly engaging and articulate but he systematically debunked a lot of myths and common perceptions around how we can support men with their mental health. Following on the back of a brilliant panel session on male mental health for International Men’s Day, this was a refreshing addition to help us understand what else men can and should do, to live happy and healthy lives.

I’m not going to give away a lot of his state secrets, he justifiably keeps much of this content for his coaching and workshop clients only (and we are very grateful for him offering this to us for free), but hopefully he won’t mind me touching on a couple of key takeaways:

  • Talking to people is still a really vital first step in seeking help and breaking down many socially-conditioned barriers men have to looking after themselves. After all you won’t be seeking support from Ryan if you can’t admit you might have a problem
  • BUT this is not the only solution – the statistics would say that actually men are talking more but still dying, so what gives?
  • Solutions that work for women, DON’T always work for men. This actually shouldn’t be a shock – anyone who has read Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez will understand the reverse principles
  • Understanding the science behind male behaviour patterns can inform a more effective and TANGIBLE action plan to help men find their centre of gravity again
Interestingly, I’d actually say that the approach Ryan takes with his clients is likely to be better received by many men who might be put off by the notion of having to bare their souls and cry to a stranger to deal with mental health challenges (although this is also still really useful in combination with his action plans).

I’d thoroughly recommend anyone interested take a look at his website, we’ll also have his details on the Mental Health providers directory.  He runs groups workshops sessions as well as tailored 1-1 coaching programmes. Well worth a check in for anyone who either is or knows a man (or assigned male at birth)

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