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Working Families

Working families encompasses employees who have parental or carer responsibilities, and the scope of this workstream covers a broad range of issues pertinent to working carers, working mums, working dads and working parents.

Our 2023 objectives are: 

  • Support for carers: 

Aiming to partner with the Mental Health and Disability work streams to raise awareness for the vast number of employees with caring responsibilities. We will explore which policies enable them to successfully navigate caring responsibilities alongside their career, including the adoption of the Carers Passport. We also aim to equip line managers with the tools they need to put these policies into practice and provide guidance on what practical support is available to carers. 

  • Encourage take-up of enhanced paternity leave. 

Our aim is to encourage fathers and non-birth parents to take more substantial periods of paternity leave, our social media campaign will highlight experiences of others. Through our annual parental leave survey we will measure member firm’s progress against our goal that 90% of member firms will offer the gold standard of six months maternity and paternity leave at 90% by 2026.

  • The hybrid office revolution – ensuring working mothers are not disadvantaged: 

We will partner with the SMART Working workstream to ensure the employers flexible working toolkit includes the impact on working families and more specifically on mothers. We will also consider the impact of proximity bias and advocate for training on the topic across Diversity Project member firms to ensure accountability.

To see our full #Working Families aims and objectives, please click here

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