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Neurodiversity refers to the diversity of human brains and considers differences of how our brains are ‘wired’ as simply another natural variation in human.

Neurodiversity can make a particularly important contribution to overall diversity of thought. Neurodivergent brains are wired differently, and hence by definition think differently. From an organisational point of view, these differences in cognitive functioning can provide easy access to often sought-after skills: people with ‘a different mindset’, who ‘look at things in a different way’, who ‘challenge established ways of thinking’.

Our workstream’s objective is improve NeuroInclusion within our firms and to increasingly attract neurodivergent talent into the Investment and Savings Industry. To achieve this, we educate on the topic of neurodiversity and explain how companies can achieve a valuable addition to overall diversity of thought through a neurodiverse workforce. We expect that awareness and acceptance of neurodivergent conditions, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and others, will also encourage existing neurodivergent employees to disclose their conditions, leading to less energy spent on ‘covering up’, which benefits both employee and employer.

Workstream Objectives:

  • Raising awareness of Neurodiversity.
  • Supporting the business case for employing Neurodiverse individuals.
  • Creating a safe space for Neurodiverse individuals to talk and share.
  • Providing training for Diversity Project member firms.

2022 Objectives:

  • Creation of a Best Practice Guide for data capture of Neurodiversity.
  • Design and create an anonymous poll for DP membership firms staff around neurodiversity.
  • Creating communications promoting neurodivergent skillsets.
  • Continue Investment Week articles.
  • Work on creating allies within member firms.
  • Work across Diversity Project workstreams.

Workstream Videos

How you can make a difference on neuroinclusion.

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