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Neurodiversity refers to the diversity of human brains and considers differences in how our brains are “wired” as simply another natural variation in humans.

Our workstream’s objective is to improve neuroinclusion within our firms to allow neurodivergent talent to thrive in the Investment and Savings industry.

Our 2024 objectives are: 

Raising awareness: 

Raise awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace through senior role models sharing their stories 

Resource bank: 

Build a resource bank containing tools and signposting to support member 

firms with encouraging neuroinclusion in their organisations 


Two events to promote the business case for neuroinclusion, during Neurodiversity Celebration Week, one aimed at HR and DEI leaders, and one aimed at individuals. One event targeting Exec level, with awareness raising and their role in driving neuroinclusion. 

One event in collaboration with other workstream/s promoting intersectionality of neurodiversity 

• Intersectionality: 

Highlight intersectionality through collaboration with other workstreams: Menopause, Gender, Race & Ethnicity, Mental Health, Disability 

• Data collection: 

Include a neurodiversity specific question in the Goals & Progress Tool to understand what firms have in place for neurodiversity. Build on the 2023 Neurodiversity survey for the 2024 survey

To see our full Neurodiversity aims and objectives, please click here

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