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Our purpose is to build a pipeline of Black industry leaders. We utilise a combination of mentoring, reverse mentoring, education, thought leadership and public speaking to increase the opportunities for Black people and Black professionals: and to challenge the structures that inhibit progression.

Our 202 objectives are:

1/ Data: 

We are very interested in understanding the impact that our programmes have in our industry, to individuals and also in the wider community.

To this effect, we follow strict KPIs across all our five programmes (TABOO, Catalyst Education Programme, The Skills Workshop, EnCircle and the Black Leaders Programme). We are constantly monitoring and updating those throughout the year.

We report annually via the TAB impact report on how each programme is delivering on its KPIs and set our next challenges accordingly.


TAB has developed allyship materials for individuals and firms to foster support. We also hold an annual thought event during Black History Month which is open to all in the industry. https://diversityproject.com/ resource/talkaboutblack-allyship/ 

With events and resources, in combination with the delivery of our five flagship programmes, we aim to foster allyship for the Black community in the Investments and Savings Industry.

Rewards of Cognitive Diversity: 

It is very important that the industry reflects the society we live in. By raising awareness, supporting in the recruitment, development and progression of Black professionals, we ensure that our industry benefits from the cognitive diversity that our community offers. 

In addition, each of our programmes are led by volunteers who demonstrate the positive effects of cognitive diversity. Our mentors provide a living example, which is continuously shared with mentees, as well as at events throughout the year. 

To see our full #TalkAboutBlack aims and objectives, please click here

Within 3 years:

  • Our campaign will see our industry agree quantitative targets to reduce the ethnicity pay gap and increase the number of Black leaders at the C-suite. We will continue to be at the forefront of thought leadership and breaking down barriers on these issues. 

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#TAB programmes

The Catalyst Education Programme (CEP) – (16-18 years)

The challenge: The socio-economic situation in which many UK-born black people find themselves. UK Black-Caribbean and Black-African individuals experience higher rates of unemployment and are more likely to become victims of crime.

The solution: To provide economically disadvantaged pupils with the aspiration, belief and tools to develop a career in the asset management industry. A joint venture between local schools, The Corporation of the City of London, the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, IntoUniversity and #TalkAboutBlack. 

A multi-year education and training programme launched in November 2020. Year 12 & 13 students will take part, with Asset Managers and Investment Consultants providing skills sessions, mentoring, industry insight days and bursaries for the sponsorship of students.

The Skills Workshop (18+)

The challenge: Should these individuals achieve a good education; they are less likely to be successful in securing their preferred roles; are either not attracted to asset management due to its perceived lack of diversity or in many cases simply not aware. 

The solution: An exciting six-month programme giving students insight (into an exciting industry), knowledge (to make informed choices) and direction (to start their career). Truly inclusive: All age groups welcome (from pre-university to postgraduates and mature students) All university disciplines and subjects welcome. All predicted grades welcome. The programmer runs virtually removing barriers to participation such as geography, socio-economic status or race. 

EnCircle mentoring (minority professionals with 1-10 years’ experience)

The challenge: When these Black individuals do break into the industry, they typically end up in support functions, have higher rates of attrition and rarely progress to leadership or revenue-generating positions.

The solution: Mentoring circles led by senior ethnic minority professionals, who will share their experiences and discuss the tools required to navigate the barriers faced throughout their career. Peer support and networking opportunities to increase the retention of Black professionals.

Black Leaders Programme

Mission: To create opportunities and support Black talent with 10+ industry experience to develop into leadership positions.

Cross-industry Senior Black Talent Mentoring/Reverse Mentoring Programme. Delivered in partnership with the Investment Association. A combination of executive coaching and 121 mentoring with current industry C-Suite professionals helps create a genuinely safe space to discuss unconscious bias, privilege, the myth of meritocracy, to set individual goals and to champion talent.


The challenge: Discussions around race in our industry and society remain a Taboo subject. To resolve issues in the workplace requires resolving issues in society.

The solution: #TalkAboutBlack utilises thought leadership, roundtable debates, panel discussions, online videos, mainstream/trade media and social media to break the taboo subject that is race in our industry and society.

To find out more about how your firm can engage with the programmes please: [email protected]

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Member Quotes

"State Street is committed to developing an environment that offers equal opportunities to individuals with distinctive backgrounds and unique perspectives. Our inclusive and diverse culture defines who we are. There is belongingness in inclusion, there is growth in diversity, there is fairness in equity. Working alongside Talk About Black enables us to drive increased representative across the asset management industry which is one of our key goals. I am proud to have advocated for building a partnership with Talk About Black and excited to see the impact our participation will have."

Hannah Smith, Head of Nordics, State Street SPDR ETFs

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