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We are proud to have over 100 Members. Diversity Project Members are asset owners, investment mangers, fund selectors, investment consultants, family offices, actuaries, trustees and wealth managers all within the Investment and Savings Industry.

Together, we drive change.

Investment Managers and Investment Consultants pay different membership fees depending on the size of firm (number of employees in the UK). The Board may admit pension funds based on their discretion.

It is complimentary for Asset Owners to join.


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Understanding your role as a member.

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Our Amazing Members

We are proud to have the following companies championing the Diversity Project. Their support is invaluable to the success of this industry-wide initiative.

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Aegon Asset Management

Aegon Asset Management is proud to support The Diversity Project.

We positively value the range of perspectives and skills which a diverse workforce brings to our business. We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment. We do not tolerate discrimination in any form and work hard to ensure that our culture encourages, supports and develops all employees to achieve their potential.

We are committed to embracing diversity, which means acknowledging, understanding and appreciating the differences between individuals and developing a workplace culture that enhances their value.

We recognise that a diverse workforce brings a wide range of resources, skills, ideas and energy to our business, and is ultimately a competitive advantage.

Logo for AllianceBernstein
XLogo for AllianceBernstein


At AllianceBernstein, we are committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where employees feel valued and are fairly treated. To us, diverse and inclusive teams make us better. They help us generate better ideas, reach more balanced decisions, engage the communities in which we operate and help our clients achieve better outcomes. We like to think of “Diversity” as a fact, “Inclusion” as a choice, and “Equity “as the goal. Through our efforts, our firm has worked to:

  • Implement inclusive practices which give us more effective access to diverse talent
  • Offer leadership development programs for populations that have been traditionally underrepresented within the financial services industry
  • Provide forums for courageous conversations on difficult topics as a means of addressing and overcoming harmful biases
  • Develop managers who exhibit and role model inclusive behaviours
  • Invest in our Employee Resource Groups, Employee Wellness Groups, and communities in which we operate globally

 At AB, diversity, equity and inclusion sits on everyone’s desk and we are proud to be a member of the Diversity Project and continue to support their effort to accelerate progress towards an inclusive culture within our industry.

To learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at AllianceBernstein, visit our website.

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Our culture at Allspring is centered on embedding DEI throughout our business because it is vital to our success.

Our DEI approach is intentional in addressing the changing needs of our global clients.

We leverage the diversity of people, ideas and skills to help our clients pursue their financial goals and to ensure an inclusive working environment for our employees.

Additionally, we believe that by serving in community areas where we have a substantial presence, we can make a greater impact in the areas of financial literacy and social mobility.

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Diversity, inclusivity, equality and wellbeing are at the core of our company’s values. We want an environment where employees choose to be brilliant and feel empowered to bring their whole self to work.

This culture is being led by the directors of the business, who sponsor both our D&I Forum and H&WB initiative. Our management ensure that employees from all backgrounds are treated equally and contribute fully to our vision. We are thrilled to be supporters of the Diversity Project, working with our peers to build a more inclusive industry.

As we look towards the future, we aim to continually challenge ourselves in our inclusion practices, by investing in diversity and wellbeing, and acknowledging that there’s always room for growth.

Logo for Amundi Asset Management
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Amundi Asset Management

Groupthink in our industry is dangerous. We firmly believe that improving the diversity of our workforce will deliver better business and societal outcomes for all.

As part of our ambitions to tackle workforce diversity, we are proud to become members of the Steering groups of the Diversity Project, an important initiative to increase the diversity of talent within our industry, across the board.

The Project has already made important strides in broadening the pool of talent, and we look forward to working more closely with the rest of the industry to continue fostering diversity at all levels and influencing change. This is an essential business imperative for us that will help create a more innovative, flexible and stronger business.

Logo for AXA Investment Managers
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AXA Investment Managers

AXA Investment Managers is proud to support the Diversity Project.

Valuing diversity and being an inclusive employer is a business priority for AXA IM. It not only creates a more enriched work culture but is also essential to the commercial success of our business.

It means we can attract talented people from the widest possible talent pool and better reflect and respond to the needs of our diverse customers. Embracing our diversity also means that we have a richer range of ideas and creativity, fresh perspectives and a willingness to challenge the status quo, all of which create the right environment for fostering greater innovation.

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy has seen us deliver a range of initiatives which promote the attraction, retention and career progression of all talent, including:

  • Supporting our working families through employee networks, training solutions and benefit provisions such as the global parental policy
  • Signing the Women in Finance charter and publicly pledging our goal to improve female representation within our global senior executive population
  • Undertaking thorough analysis of our gender diversity using the world-leading EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) certification tool
  • Ensuring diversity is promoted within our talent identification, development and hiring processes
  • Developing inclusive leaders who understand the business benefits of inclusion and can help drive the culture we need

We are very proud to have joined the Diversity Project and look forward to collaborating with our peers to share best practice and help drive industry-wide progress.

Logo for Baillie Gifford
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Baillie Gifford

Similar to our investment philosophy at Baillie Gifford, we approach diversity and inclusion in a thoughtful and considered manner. We place a strong emphasis on creating a culture of inclusion, not just recruiting people from diverse backgrounds. We aim to create and sustain a culture in which each of our colleagues feel they can speak up, be heard, and reach their full potential.

We joined the Diversity Project as we are committed to continuing to improve our approach to diversity and inclusion,  learning from and contributing to best practice across the investment management industry.

Logo for Barnett Waddingham
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Barnett Waddingham

Diversity and inclusion: Bringing together many different journeys to achieve our shared goals

At BW, we develop teams who give – and welcome – different opinions, views and cultural perspectives, bringing a real richness to our day-to-day activities.

We believe a diversity of thought achieves better business results, for both our clients and for ourselves.

Building on our culture of doing the right thing, we want everyone at BW to feel they can bring their whole self to work, confident they are included and respected. We value access to a wide talent pool, without any boundaries or bias.

Our D&I networks:
Diversity today means more than race and gender. This is why we provide an environment where different voices are encouraged and heard through our internal networks. Our networks work together to build an inclusive and diverse place for us all to work.

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RBC BlueBay Asset Management is proud to support the work of the Diversity Project.

Our vision is to be amongst the most inclusive and successful companies in the world. To achieve this vision, we recognise that we need to implement a holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), with all employees playing an important part in creating a positive work environment.

Our DEI framework is fully supported by our senior leadership team, while our processes and initiatives help us support an inclusive culture. Our framework has included a number of initiatives over the years, for example:

  • The provision of a number of family-friendly policies, including flexible and agile working arrangements, gender-neutral recruitment processes and anti-racism awareness training.
  • Partnering with organisations such as 10,000 Black Interns, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity and Girls are Investors, and participating in the Catalyst After School and the Park View programmes.
  • We understand the need to raise awareness and actively push for change by supporting industry-wide discussions and research around culture and diversity best practice. For example, RBC BlueBay’s Chief Executive Officer, Erich Gerth, joined the Standards Board for Alternative Investments’ EMEA Culture & Diversity Committee which has issued a Report on Principles of Culture & Diversity Strategies. We are also members of the European Leveraged Finance Association DEI Committee and have supported Reboot, an independent, not-for-profit aiming to create long-lasting change around race and ethnicity.
  • We have a long-standing commitment to actively identifying and developing diverse talent, improving representation, closing promotion gaps and assessing pay equity across diversity segments. For example, we have promoted the voluntary use of personal pronouns to support ethnically diverse and LGBTQ+ staff.

DEI is one of our core values, and also one of our key strengths. We aim to put diversity into action to help employees, clients and communities thrive. We are proud to have joined the Diversity Project and look forward to collaborating with our peers to share best practice and help drive industry-wide progress.

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At BNPP AM, we manage assets with conviction, empathy and open minds. We use our head to generate solutions and our heart to bring out the best in people. We are close to our clients, because we share their concerns and goals. This allows us to resemble and better understand them, while offering a diversity of perspectives, which is a crucial element in the investment decisions made by our fund managers on a daily basis.

As the “sustainable investor for a changing world”, it is critical to lead by example and to act like and represent the companies and the markets in which we are choosing to invest. DE&I is a strategic focus because we personally believe in it.

We strongly believe that DE&I is a powerful lever to unlock potential and is a differentiating factor to be an outstanding asset manager. DE&I is our collective responsibility every day and at BNPP AM, we are serious about driving change. Capturing diversity data remains a key focus for us following the launch of our voluntary equality and diversity questionnaire last year. This valuable data enables us to look at how our employment policies and processes are working and to identify areas for improvement. Our culture embraces flexibility, recognises the value of encouraging a healthy work-life balance and is respectful of individuals and their needs.

Over recent years, we have set ambitious targets to increase female representation at board level, in senior management positions and through our junior talent pipeline. We have also embarked on a variety of initiatives ranging from employee networks, awareness-raising webinars and conferences, female leadership programmes, facilitating youth employment through community schemes such as HeadStart Action, 100BlackInterns and 10000BlackInterns, KickStart, on-line/virtual diversity and inclusion training, and Ban the Box. We have placed a specific focus on our hiring and succession planning processes as well as gender pay equality and have seen strong progress. We are pleased to partner with the Diversity Council and drive positive change together.

Logo for Brown Brothers Harriman
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Brown Brothers Harriman

Brown Brothers Harriman is proud to support the Diversity Project.

Our ability to create innovative solutions stems from our diverse perspectives and ability to come together as a global team—across backgrounds and borders—to draw upon our collective strengths and expertise. Together, we bring more brainpower, insight, and creativity to generate innovative products and solutions while creating the best place to work.

When seeking solutions, we draw on all dimensions of diversity—ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, cultures, education, personality, backgrounds, and life experiences—to ensure we deliver the best solutions. Our inclusive culture actively seeks out these varied perspectives and empowers everyone to make an impact on our global business.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion informs everything we do, improving our competitive position in a rapidly changing global marketplace.  By focusing on three key pillars – Workforce, Workplace, and Marketplace – we’re building our capacity of top talent, enhancing our inclusive culture, strengthening cultural dexterity, enriching our work environment, and leveraging the power of fresh thinking.

Visit www.bbh.com to learn more about our commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Logo for Brunel Pension Partnership
XLogo for Brunel Pension Partnership

Brunel Pension Partnership

Brunel Pension Partnership is pleased to support the Diversity Project.

We’re strongly in favour of a more diverse culture within the investments industry as we believe this is critical to the long-term success of companies and is beneficial for investors. We demonstrate this through a board with a 50/50 gender split where the top positions, Chair and CEO, are both held by women, Denise Le Gal and Dawn Turner. In addition, throughout the company we have a roughly 50/50 gender split in staffing.

A positive working environment contributes to attracting and keeping talented staff from a broad pool of backgrounds. Flexibility regarding working hours and location enables greater productivity and contributes to employee wellbeing.

Diversity is a key element of our Responsible Investment Policy. We’re keen to work with the Diversity Project to embrace this more fully, as well as  proposed updates to the UK Corporate Governance Code, which place a welcome focus on culture, workforce engagement and diversity. We are also members of The 30% Club and will support its aim and objectives through engagement and voting.

It’s our goal to be innovative and forward-thinking with regards to every aspect of our business and the investment industry. We’re certain that deepening our own knowledge of the impact of diversity through discussion with other Diversity Project affiliates will help us to progress this aim.

Logo for Camradata
XLogo for Camradata


To us, diversity recognises and values our difference. It’s inclusive, welcome, open, and provides an environment rich with acceptance.

One of our company values helps us embrace diversity in practice. It encourages us to: “Be yourself – multiple perspectives make for richer ideas and better decision making. Diverse in thought, each of our people is valued for what they can uniquely contribute.”

We strive to promote inclusiveness, allyship, cognitive diversity and mental and physical wellbeing to every member of the company through our DE&I initiatives and networks.

We support the Diversity Project because we believe in its vision of a truly diverse and inclusive investment industry.

Logo for Carval Investors
XLogo for Carval Investors

Carval Investors

CarVal is focused on inclusion and diversity globally, cultivating a culture where employees feel empowered to share different experiences, backgrounds and ideas.

Our primary strategic objectives are to increase CarVal’s long-term engagement of inclusion and diversity globally, and to cultivate a culture where employees feel empowered to share different experiences, backgrounds, and ideas. The company achieves this through strategic partnerships with organisations such as the Diversity Project, education & training and intentional foundations.

Logo for Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP
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Cheyne Capital Management (UK) LLP

Cheyne is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion by implementing change through supporting relevant initiatives, partnerships and programs across our firm and the asset management industry more broadly. This commitment also drives Cheyne’s desire to work with the Diversity Project. Cheyne wants to be a contributor to social sustainability. As such, we continuously strive for a talent pool that is representative of today’s multifaceted society, believing that a workforce comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and associated perspectives will make us more successful.

Cheyne is committed to providing equal opportunities to all colleagues and applicants without regard to gender, race, nationality, religion, age, orientation, socioeconomic background, and disability. Cheyne aims to foster a work environment which supports all colleagues in being their authentic selves. We champion a collegial approach where everyone’s voice is heard and encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas to create a strong, inclusive culture which we in turn believe will foster collective excellence.

To this end, Cheyne has implemented several initiatives around recruitment and selection, professional development, retention, and inclusion. A lot has been achieved, but we are conscious that a lot more can be done. With the road ahead in mind, we look forward to supporting and working with the Diversity Project to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive culture within the asset management industry.

Logo for Colchester Global Investors
XLogo for Colchester Global Investors

Colchester Global Investors

Colchester is built on our core values which form the foundations of our culture and underpin everything we do. Being an inclusive employer with a diverse workforce is a fundamental part of how we operate as an organisation. We believe that every one of our employees, clients and stakeholders bring something different to the table and those differences are something to be valued.

We actively promote integrity, trust and humility, all of which form part of our core values. We understand that being good at what we do takes collaboration, teamwork and respect for each other and we work hard to build this into our inclusion efforts. Fostering this inclusive culture is crucial to our employees and clients who are at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe in the Diversity Project mission and are proud to be a part of the change.

Logo for Comgest
XLogo for Comgest


Comgest is committed to fostering and embracing diversity and inclusion internally and externally. We believe in the benefits for our clients, colleagues, business and society.  We are proud to be members of the Diversity Project.

Comgest’s founders designed our broad partnership as a workplace where colleagues have the autonomy and freedom to express themselves, play their part and fulfil their potential. We seek to provide fair treatment and equal opportunity for all.

We have over 30 nationalities represented amongst our 200+ employees with a near 50-50% split by gender. We believe diverse teams with varying and challenging views, can produce better outcomes because the decision-making process is broader and deeper.

It is both our ambition and responsibility to build on these balancing foundations, to remain free from discrimination and to ensure that our clients, colleagues and business partners are able to bring their authentic self to our interactions with one another.

We are proud to support The Diversity Project in its mission to educate and improve our industry. This important collaboration allows Comgest to partner with industry peers and share views on the opportunities and challenges we face. We are committed to such partnerships as they enable us to continue to enhance diversity within our workforce and inclusion in our workplace.

Arnaud Cosserat

Comgest, CEO, CIO

Logo for Delancey
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We are excited at the opportunity to become members of The Diversity Project and look forward to contributing to its mission.

In the past year at Delancey, we have worked to formalise our approach to DEI internally. The real estate industry in particular is characterised by a lack of diverse talent, and we want to actively work to improve our internal practices and contribute to pushing the industry forward. As part of this work, we have structured a DEI strategy (publicly available in our DEI Statement on our website: Delancey-Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Statement.pdf), which has four high-level objectives with underlying initiatives:
1. Fostering a culture of inclusion
2. Improving diversity
3. Promoting external impact
4. Ensuring a safe and fair work environment.

As part of working towards objective 3, promoting external impact, we undertook an exercise to review industry bodies that would be meaningful for us to engage with. The aspirations and goals of The Diversity Project are very aligned with our objectives and the group is a highly regarded industry body that is having a significant impact on DEI. We have been impressed by the work of The Diversity Project and are thrilled with the opportunity to become a member and engage with the group and its other Corporate Members.

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ICG is committed to building and supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace and we believe that partnering with the Diversity Project will help us to effect real change in this space.

We believe that employees who can truly be themselves at work are able to reach their full potential.

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We believe that the transition to a more sustainable economy is closely linked to the transition to a more equitable society.

Equality, diversity & inclusion are critical to our own organisational excellence, to the success of the companies in which we invest, and in creating opportunity in the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to using the tools we have as investors to address discrimination and inequality.”

Logo for Janus Henderson Investors
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Janus Henderson Investors

At Janus Henderson we understand the importance of equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion (EDI) both within the firm and the industry as a whole.

We have signed up to the Diversity Project to show our commitment to improving all aspects of diversity within the investment management industry. In 2010, Henderson Global Investors launched a Trainee Programme designed to reduce the barriers of entry into investment management and allow a more diverse group of individuals to enter the industry.

Following the success of the Trainee Programme, in 2013 the initiative was rolled out to other firms as Investment 2020.

In 2016, the firm’s focus within EDI was on improving the global mind-set and improving gender diversity at all levels across the firm. We have worked closely with recruitment agencies and our training providers to help us deliver results in these areas.

We continue to seek ways to improve our EDI initiatives, and develop and implement new ideas to ensure an inclusive culture and diverse workforce. We hope that by being part of the Diversity Project we can both learn and share ideas with other firms across the industry.

Logo for J O Hambro Capital Management Group
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J O Hambro Capital Management Group

We have signed up to the Diversity Project to show our commitment to improving all aspects of diversity within the investment management industry. We continually strive to provide our employees with a working environment that is free from discrimination, and the firm is committed to providing equal opportunities to all potential candidates and employees, regardless of their age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion or belief, ethnic origin or disability.

By encouraging diversity of thought, experience and expertise, we aim to promote an atmosphere that allows all individuals to attain their fullest potential, which, in turn, will create a more effective and positive corporate culture and enhance the experience of our clients.

Working closely with senior management, the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee continues to foster a culture of mutual respect, by raising awareness and challenging the norms with the purpose of enhancing and improving the experience of all staff working at JOHCM.

JOHCM is a founding supporter of the Investment 20/20 scheme and also participated in the 30% club cross-company mentoring programme and the Mission INCLUDE mentoring programme.

Logo for JTFM
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JTFM is committed to a diverse team which we believe makes for a more interesting and enjoyable working environment and produces better outcomes for both clients and our business

Logo for Lombard Odier Investment Managers
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Lombard Odier Investment Managers

We are very proud to become a member of the Diversity Project and look forward to collaborating with our peers to support progress on DEI initiatives across the asset-management industry.

At Lombard Odier Investment Managers, we understand that our people are the most precious resource. We value being an employer of choice and we care about and foster inclusivity.

That is why we are focusing on creating an atmosphere where every unique individual can flourish and work together to achieve our goals. We aim to build trust, inspire change and promote growth in order to set up our employees for success. Creating an engaging and diverse environment where our employees challenge the status quo and thrive, is at the essence of our culture.

Logo for Longview Partners
XLogo for Longview Partners

Longview Partners

Longview believes that Diversity & Inclusion are critical components in the creation of a trusting and committed workplace which is fundamental to Longview’s culture.  In The Diversity Project we have found a worthy partner as we strive to further our goals and create and support a diverse and inclusive investment industry.

At Longview, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is not a thing, a person or a department, it is everything a staff member of Longview does when interacting with another individual inside and outside the organisation.

We recognise the value of diversity, we believe in the importance of an inclusive environment where an individual’s diversity, their differences, are valued and used: differences in thought, background and experience. Differences bring alternative ideas, perspectives and concepts to discussions. Longview has always valued open and transparent communication and believes everyone has a voice of equal value which has been the bedrock of the inclusive culture that Longview has today.

Logo for Man
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At Man Group, we believe in diversity because it is the right thing to do, because it makes us a stronger, more inclusive and dynamic place to work, and almost certainly a better investor.

Man Group is proud to support the Diversity Project and be a part of its efforts to champion a more diverse inclusive culture within our industry. We believe that by creating a collaborative, supportive environment, where diversity is celebrated and individuals are empowered to achieve their potential, we can ultimately deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Through our Paving the Way campaign, we are working to address the ‘pipeline’ issue, seeking to encourage a more diverse range of talent to apply for positions at Man Group and across the investment industry more broadly, and ultimately supporting them into senior positions and front-office roles. We have introduced a number of initiatives in recent years under Paving the Way, focusing on external and internal initiatives, partnerships and programmes that help us to attract and develop talent from more diverse backgrounds, and we continue to research new and innovative ways to improve diversity within Man Group and also across our industry.

Logo for Manulife Investment Management
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Manulife Investment Management

At Manulife, we’re fostering a working environment where all our employees feel accepted, valued and included. We believe that strength lies in embracing our differences and that diversity plays a key role in driving innovation and growth within our company. We are committed to working in partnership with the Diversity Project.

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Mubadala Capital are proud sponsors of the Diversity Project.

 We are committed to making the UK investment and savings industry more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

We understand the important role this will play for our employees, partners, and the industry as a whole. It helps drive creativity, innovation, high-performing teams and increases our reach for new talent and clients.

We look forward to collaborating with the Diversity Project and its members to continue to enhance our DE&I practice.

Logo for Octopus Investments
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Octopus Investments

Diversity, in all its forms, makes a business stronger and we believe that teams are at their best when everyone feels safe to bring their whole self to work. That’s why we’re committed to promoting equal opportunities for growth and development regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or socioeconomic background.

We have an in-house Diversity and Inclusion steering group dedicated to ensuring that everyone at Octopus feels included and respected. This group is made up of representatives from across the organisation and they work closely with our People team and our employee networks to help focus our D&I efforts.

We’re excited to be partnering with Diversity Project so we can learn from the experiences of our peers in the investment and insurance sector and bring some of our own ideas and approaches to help support D&I advancement in the sector.

Logo for Pantheon
XLogo for Pantheon


Pantheon believes the diversity of our people and practices fuels the power of our innovation and success.

Uniting across race, gender, identity, disability, religion and experience, we are committed to building more inclusive and sustainable futures together for our clients, employees and the wider global community.

We focus on diversity and inclusion because we want our people to thrive, so collectively we can all grow and prosper and in turn help our communities to do the same.

Our inclusion ethos is founded on the premise that harnessing our differences will create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, where our talents are being fully utilized and in which our organizational goals are met.

Logo for Pension Bee
XLogo for Pension Bee

Pension Bee

At PensionBee, we strongly believe that everyone should feel that they can succeed in the workplace as themselves.

Diversity is a key component of our culture and perfectly embodies our company values of love, honesty, quality, innovation, and simplicity.

We want our team to be reflective of our customers, and for our team to be the rule, rather than the exception within the wider pensions industry. While PensionBee is immensely proud of our efforts so far, there is still far more to be done within Financial Services as a whole.

We’re passionate about breaking down as many barriers as possible while campaigning for change.

Logo for Polar Capital
XLogo for Polar Capital

Polar Capital

Polar Capital is a specialist, investment-led active fund manager, where people are at the heart of all that we do. Our culture is one of collegiality, with teams across the business working together to achieve positive outcomes for our investors. Individuals are treated as equals, thriving in a meritocratic environment.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace allows us to achieve the best for our business and our clients. We actively promote a culture which enables our employees to be comfortable in themselves and to flourish in their role.

Working closely with senior management, the company’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee sets goals and monitors progress with the aim of promoting an inclusive company culture. Polar Capital is a member of #includedAWM and a supporter of Investment 2020.

Logo for Premier Miton
XLogo for Premier Miton

Premier Miton

Premier Miton’s EDI forum strives to help ensure equality, diversity and inclusion is the heart of our people strategy and culture and resonates throughout everything that we do. We seek to actively and responsibly nurture a culture that makes Premier Miton an inclusive place to work. Our vision is for everyone at Premier Miton to recognise that our difference make us stronger and for our people to have a feeling of being valued, respected and treated fairly, regardless of identity, background or circumstances.

Logo for Record Financial Group
XLogo for Record Financial Group

Record Financial Group

For our employees to reach their full potential they need to feel valued, included and respected. This is the culture that Record works towards and as part of this, we celebrate individual differences and aim to work with the Diversity Project to promote a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Logo for Redwheel
XLogo for Redwheel


At Redwheel, we believe having a diverse workplace is the right thing to do and is critical to the long-term success of the company.

It can drive innovation, better decision making and high-performing teams across the business. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion  in which different experiences and identities are valued; where people feel they can be their true selves and are encouraged to speak up and express opinions freely.

We want to attract & retain a highly competent and diverse range of people to help us continue to evolve and grow. We are also thoughtful when it comes to our global responsibility to support the communities in which we live, work and invest.

We support the Diversity Project because we believe in their vision of a truly diverse and inclusive investment industry and we value the cross-sectional nature of their work and how it aligns with our goals.

Logo for Robeco
XLogo for Robeco


At Robeco our aim is to be a diverse company, fostering a culture of connection: a workplace where all colleagues feel safe, included, valued, and empowered to be their best, regardless of the way they look, where they come from or who they love. We think partnering with the Diversity Project will give us the opportunity to share, learn, and shape industry-wide best practice in what is a core value for Robeco.

Logo for Rothschild & Co
XLogo for Rothschild & Co

Rothschild & Co

To form our distinct perspectives as a group, we need a diverse team, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, genders and ethnicities, that can respond to our global business needs and interact with clients and colleagues around the world.

This means building an environment where diversity and difference are valued.

Our culture is inclusive and collegiate, by which we mean that we foster a sense of teamwork, respect and partnership in everything we do rather than promoting an internally competitive culture. We encourage everyone to build a wide network across the firm to benefit each other and, importantly, to bring the entire Rothschild & Co network to the client. This has a direct impact on the type of colleagues we look to recruit, promote and retain.

We support various personal development initiatives through our internal networks and also membership of external networking organisations and forums to connect our professionals and promote inclusivity across the firm.

Logo for Ruffer
XLogo for Ruffer


We want Ruffer to be a vibrant firm where everyone believes in what we do – and is driven to help us do it better. Our emphasis is on collective achievement, not individual glory. Putting our clients’ interest first.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, however you live – we want you to feel included at Ruffer. For you to be comfortable being yourself, sharing your perspective, expressing a different point of view.

The ideal? Everyone feels cared for, valued, and trusted.

At Ruffer, what you know is important. But the decisive factor is who you are.

We have developed our D&I plans which include shaping all of our people practices and polices.

We are very excited to be part of the Diversity Project to collaborate and share ideas with other firms.

Logo for Russell Investment
XLogo for Russell Investment

Russell Investment

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our long-term growth that adds richness to our culture and value to our community. Diversity and inclusion includes visible differences such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical attributes, as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and education.

At Russell Investments, we believe in supporting diverse groups, events, and ideas. The reason we do this is simple. By valuing diversity and inclusion, we are better able to attract the brightest talent, increase competitiveness, and maintain relevance in our ever-changing global landscape.

Russell Investments has created a Diversity and Inclusion Committee in the EMEA region to specifically set and drive the agenda for diversity and inclusion in the region, while working in partnership with the global diversity and inclusion efforts at Russell Investments. The committee’s objectives are as follows:
Promote recruitment and retention practices that focus on tapping into top talent across diverse constituency groups.

Endorse suitable education, training, development and mentoring possibilities for our diverse group of associates.

Promote a diverse and inclusive work environment where all associates feel respected and valued.

Encourage community involvement related to the promotion of diversity and inclusion.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports associates by strengthening leadership competencies, developing new skills, providing opportunities for networking and building relationships across Russell Investments, and providing unique cultural perspectives on various issues.

Logo for SG Kleinwort Hambros
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SG Kleinwort Hambros

Supporting our colleagues

Companies that value diversity and collaboration tend to outperform others. When you bring people together with different backgrounds and experiences, they offer fresh perspectives and innovative ways of working, which in turn boosts creativity and productivity.

As well as ensuring our firm is diverse, we know it’s important to support our colleagues so they have the freedom to express their ideas and develop new solutions. At SG Kleinwort Hambros, our culture encourages all employees to use their voice to enact positive change.

The ways in which we recruit, develop and reward colleagues promote equality and diversity throughout our organisation.

  • Providing connection and inclusion through diverse employee networks.
  • Signing the Women in Finance Charter, a UK-government sponsored initiative to build a more gender balanced financial services industry.
  • Promoting equality of opportunity through the Kleinwort Hambros Gender Equality Forum.
  • Widening access to the banking sector through our apprenticeship and internship programmes.
  • Nurturing young talent through our graduate trainee scheme, as well as our Next Generation Executive Committee.
  • Providing flexible working practices to support sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

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XLogo for Smart Pension

Smart Pension

It is important to us at Smart Pension that our employees and members feel represented and trust us. This creates an environment for better decision making, more innovation and better outcomes for our pension scheme members.

We consider diversity, equity and inclusion within our teams, trustee board and our members’ investments. This flows through from our corporate level values and beliefs, where we also support and promote a number of initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion.

Our activities include:

● Partnering with Wahed, the leading Islamic digital investment platform, to launch a fully diversified workplace pension, the Halal Workplace Pension. The collaboration meets the demand for a modern, Shariah-compliant workplace pensions from Muslim employers and the UK’s Muslim population.

● Being a proud supporter of Rails Girls, a non-profit community making coding more accessible to women. Rails Girls has created many opportunities for women in tech and over 25% of their participants return to coach the next generation. We sponsor their annual London workshop and our engineering team also volunteer as coaches and mentors.

We want to make sure our master trust caters for the dimensions of diversity of our members. While we are digital-first, we’re not digital-only, and we’re proud to put time into creating well-trained support teams which can help all members and make a difference with any groups who need special or extra assistance.

We are excited to have joined the Diversity Project and look forward to collaborating with our peers to encourage best practice and help drive progress in the industry.

Logo for St. Jame's Place Wealth Management
XLogo for St. Jame's Place Wealth Management

St. Jame's Place Wealth Management

St. James’s Place Wealth Management is proud to support the Diversity Project and is committed to working with others in the Savings and Investments industry to promote Inclusion and Diversity.

At St. James’s Place our vision is to create a vibrant place to work where difference is recognised as a strength and where talented people can flourish and achieve their highest potential. Talent is blind to race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, social class or background.

As a leading wealth manager our success is built on establishing long lasting, highly personal relationships. We believe that being the best place to have a career is reliant upon creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment where broad perspectives are embraced and people can be themselves.

We understand that diverse teams and inclusive environments provide the foundations for creativity, innovation and business growth. That’s why we will aim to attract, retain and develop the best people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. Our focus is on building a community with equal opportunities where everyone has clarity of purpose and feels valued.

Logo for T. Rowe Price
XLogo for T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price

Our actions to advance diversity and inclusion are driven by our commitment to drive positive change for our associates, our clients, within the industry and beyond.

At T. Rowe Price, our long-held reputation for excellence and reliability is made possible by the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, talents, and experiences of our associates. We believe that our culture of collaboration enables us to identify opportunities others might overlook. In today’s dynamic business environment, having a diverse and inclusive workforce is a business and cultural imperative.

The firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts include recruiting and building a diverse talent pipeline; a governance structure that ensures accountability; leadership development that supports diversity of thought and identifying and addressing biases; and engagement opportunities that foster an inclusive workplace where associates can constructively collaborate, share diverse viewpoints, and contribute their individual perspectives.  We also have internal networks that focus on gender, ethnicity and supporting the LGBT+ community.  These networks help to highlight the importance of championing a diverse and inclusive workplace and the business value associated with D&I.

We view our progress in diversity and inclusion as a journey and are inspired to do more. We are proud to partner with The Diversity Project to empower our industry and individuals across all levels to create an inclusive and diverse environment where we can help our clients, our company, and our communities succeed.

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XLogo for USS


Promoting and supporting diversity at USS is an important part of our business.
For USS it’s about valuing everybody as an individual and having a workplace where people are welcomed and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they can be themselves.
To reap the benefits of a diverse workforce, we are working to generate an inclusive environment where each individual feels that they can reach their potential, can participate and can take advantage of all of the opportunities on offer.
We all stand to benefit if we get this right; when we embrace and encourage different views, utilise people’s skills, adapt to new ways of working and learn from the experience that people from all backgrounds and identities bring.

Logo for Vanguard
XLogo for Vanguard


At Vanguard, we’re committed to building diversity in the workplace and fostering an inclusive environment. We understand that the two components work together to enable our success by helping us attract diverse talent and clients that reflect the markets we serve.

Vanguard is proud to support the Diversity Project. We want to be a place where people feel comfortable to be who they are; where they can flourish and feel valued and respected. We also know that embracing difference allows us to build better teams and drive better business results. It’s not just the IQ of the team that matters—it’s the composition of the team. That diversity is where ideas come from.

Being inclusive creates a more enriched work culture and reflects more of our client base. It leads to a richer debate on issues affecting Vanguard and our customers. Diversity matters at Vanguard, and to see the effect is enlightening.

We continue to develop strategies to strengthen diversity and inclusion. Our Diversity Leadership Team, a dedicated team of senior leaders responsible for setting strategy throughout the enterprise, drives our vision and commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace.
We are very excited to be part of the Diversity Project and we look forward to collaborating with our peers to help drive industry-wide progress.

Logo for Willis Towers Watson
XLogo for Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is proud to be part of initiatives like the Diversity Project because it underpins our belief that diverse talent and an inclusive environment has a direct impact on our ability to grow and succeed.

An inclusive culture – that embraces diverse ideas and perspectives – is critical to our ongoing, collective success. We believe it will produce the best outcomes for our company, our colleagues and our clients.  It will also help create an environment that that engages our colleagues, fuels creativity and innovation and drives efficiencies.

Willis Towers Watson supports a number of inclusion networks including those for women, the LGBT community, multi-cultural, disability (our Workability network) and young professionals.

These networks bring people together from across the business to help determine priorities and in many cases implement new initiatives.
Examples include producing guidance for line managers and maternity leavers to ensure that the return to work is well supported, training of mental health first aiders to provide additional support to colleagues, holding educational sessions that bring together colleagues – and clients – to discuss topics relevant to the pursuit of a diverse and inclusive culture, celebration of different cultural festivals to educate and increase a sense of belonging and attendance at the annual Pride march in London.

Logo for XPS Pensions Group
XLogo for XPS Pensions Group

XPS Pensions Group

We believe that a diverse and inclusive culture is important to the success of XPS.

We want to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and recognised for their strength and where talented people can flourish and achieve their highest potential. Having people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and with a range of experiences and skills, will help us better understand and meet the needs of clients, making our business stronger and driving continued growth and innovation.

Recruiters We Work With

Membership Fees

Size of Firm

Number of employess in the UK

0 - 50

Annual Fee

£4,000 +VAT

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Size of Firm

Number of employess in the UK

50 - 250

Annual Fee

£8,000 +VAT

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Size of Firm

Number of employess in the UK


Annual Fee

£12,500 +VAT

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How are member firms involved

Steering Commitee

This commitee made up of D, E & I leads links member firms with the Diversity Project workstreams, projects and initiatives.

Advisory Council

Leadership group for CEO’s or equivalent.

Dimensions of D, E & I or project participation

Involvement in individual workstreams that meet member firms priorities or interests.


Partnering on events or sponsoring key initiatives.

Business Level

Declaring support by allowing member logos to be displayed on our website. Publicity and support of our events and initiatives. Participation in schemes and surveys designed to support our goals.

Diversity Project Logo
Members Image

What we ask our Members to do…

Members take an active role in driving progress and impact across their organisations and the Industry.


  1. Complete the Goals & Progress Online Tool
  2. Participate in meetings
  3. Promote surveys, events and initiatives
  4. Share information throughout your organisation
  5. Support the work of the Diversity Project through volunteers
  6. Implement recommendations (where possible)
  7. Take part in programmes (where suitable)
  8. Share case studies, best practice and success stories
  9. Identify role models and allies
  10. Engage with us on social media
  11. Provide a venue for an event.

Member Quotes

"Diversity Project membership has been a valuable way of sharing ideas, challenges, best practice and progress as we work together to create an inclusive culture in our industry of which we can all be proud."

Fidelity International – Sarah Nelson, Chief People Officer

"The Diversity Project is a great way for us to test our thinking, discover best practice, partner with our industry peers and share resources, all of which help to accelerate our progress on this vital topic."

Rebecca Bond, Head of HR, Europe, Vanguard

Partners Image

Our Partners & Supporters

We have many partners and supporter companies working with us to make a difference. Partners and Supporters can typically be group into three types:

  1. Regulators and other governmental and quasi‐governmental bodies.
  2. Search firms.
  3. Diversity and inclusion consultancies or social enterprises/ charities.

Note it is free for these organisations to partner with the Diversity Project.

Our Partners and Supporters

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