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We are the newest Diversity Project dimension of DEI, with approximately 130,000 women (according to the ONS) in financial services dealing with the menopause transition at any one time. This is therefore a workplace issue and one that businesses and those in the industry need to skill up fast on. We are pleased to see the increased attention and hope to play our part in making meaningful change.

Our aims and objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of Menopause and thereby normalise the subject;
  • Support individuals going through the menopause or with menopausal symptoms through webinars and resources – creating a safe space for individuals to talk and share;
  • Provide education and resources for Diversity Project member firms and for the wider industry.

Menopause Pledge

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Workstream Videos

Understanding Domestic Abuse: Recognising the signs. How to help as an employer and as an individual

Workplace Menopause Unmuted: Introduction

Workplace Menopause Unmuted: Fireside Chat with Carolyn Harris MP

Workplace Menopause Unmuted: Insurer's Panel

Workplace Menopause Unmuted: Opening up the conversation – Midlife for Women and Men

Workplace Menopause Unmuted: What are firms doing about this?

Menopause in the Workplace

Menopause Legislation

Menopause for Line Managers

Mental Health, Nutrition and Exercise in Menopause

Men in Menopause

Different types of Menopause and Menopause like symptoms

Member Quotes

"This topic attracts so much stigma and misunderstanding. Let's get up to speed, get involved, and help bring about change. Our industry needs to become more inclusive if it's to retain people going through this stage and help them feel valued. "

David Durclacher, CEO, Julius Baer International Limited

Our Partners

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