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Fertility Matters at work…and here’s why

Date: 29th February 2024
Location: Virtual

Fertility Matters at work…and here’s why – Virtual – 29th February 2024 – 12:30pm

In 2024, the Diversity Project will collaborate with experts on the Parenting Horizons speaker series to help navigate support and understanding across the spectrum of parenthood.

The “Fertility Matters at work…and here’s why” webinar, is the first in the series and highlights the topic of fertility in the workplace and demonstrates why organisations need to commit to becoming/ being fertility-friendly. Topics covered will include understanding infertility, the prevalence of fertility treatment needs, the emotional and physical impacts of fertility treatment and loss, and how managers and colleagues can offer support. The event also sets the stage for future discussions on related topics.

This webinar is for Diversity Project members only.

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