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Gender balance at Standard Life Aberdeen October 2018

Date: 13th November 2018

We aim for an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they can be themselves and are valued for what they bring. We promote diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense so we can create an environment which enables everyone to perform and progress. By building and sustaining a diverse talent pipeline and enabling people to reach their potential, we will provide our global customers with the diversity of thought and creativity required to build long-term value.

We are working to achieve gender balance at all levels of our business, up to and including our Board, and in line with the gender representation targets we have set. We aim to see year on year progress towards these and recognise this will be achieved not only by the initiatives in our plan, but by flowing diversity and inclusion through all of our actions and decisions. Progress needs sustained and collective ownership from the top of our company and also with all of our people. We are focused on how we enable everyone to play their part in building a progressive and inclusive culture.

Our refreshed gender action plan reflects our progress since October 2017 and outlines our areas of focus for the coming 12-18 months. It has been created with our people to produce commitments that we all believe in as well as making this part of our everyday actions and decisions. By doing this, we will accelerate progress towards meeting our targets.

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