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Early career attraction: our survey findings and key recommendations

Date: 07th August 2019

In April 2019, the Diversity Project surveyed 21 members firms to ask about their approach to finding, interviewing and on-boarding diverse new hires at a junior level.

The aim of the survey was to uncover current best practice, with a view to sharing ideas around the industry. This report contains practical steps that your organisation can take to encourage a diverse range of talent to apply to your firm, how you can get the best out of people at interview, and importantly guide people through the first few years so that they feel welcome and accepted in our industry.

The investment industry still has some way to go to be truly reflective of our diverse customers, but by following these tips we aim to help the industry increase diversity for the benefit of society.

We know that thinking and best practice will evolve over time, and encourage you to share stories of what has worked and what hasn’t with your networks, but perhaps more importantly with us so that we can regularly update this document.

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