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The Diversity Project/Mercer Benchmarking Study

Date: 18th September 2017

This landmark study sponsored by the Diversity Project seeks to understand why and how the industry needs to evolve to build a more diverse profession. The objective of the research is to understand:

  • Experience, qualifications, backgrounds and motivations of the people who work in the UK investment and savings industry
  • How they entered IM and what they love and don’t love about their work
  • Culture and practices of the companies for which they work
  • The views of those who work in other areas of financial services
  • What it would take to improve diversity in IM.

Diversity will be explored across all dimensions – age, gender and cultural and socio-economic background.

Animated points from the survey

Led by Mercer and supported by leaders from the investment and savings industries’ biggest institutions, this research will gather views from three main groups:

  1. Investment Managers
  2. Former Investment Managers
  3. Other employees working in Investment Management.

The survey will establish a benchmark for diversity within the Investment Management (IM) sector in the United Kingdom.

While there have been a number of studies exploring barriers to diversity in financial services, and some looking in particular at IM, none have specifically explored perceptions and barriers throughout the lifecycle from university onwards. In addition, this initiative will be the first time industry leaders come together to interrogate the issue and develop solutions.

24 of the UK’s largest investment organisations participated in 2017 and the survey will be conducted annually to monitor progress across the industry.

If your firm is interested in finding out more or would like to participate in the next round of the survey, please click here.

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