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NeuroInclusion – Neurodiversity in the Investment Industry

Date: 22nd November 2018
Location: Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited,Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6HL
A roundtable event aimed at neurodivergent employees.

The Diversity Project’s Neurodiversity workstream held this roundtable discussion on neurodiversity in our industry. In an interactive session, we discussed the benefits of neurodiversity and obtained your feedback on how included you feel and how to remove obstacles to successful inclusion.

We discussed:

  • Definition. What is neurodiversity and why does it matter?
  • Benefits of neurodiversity at work. Where do you see clear value add and is it made use of at the moment?
  • Challenges. What are the main challenges you are facing at work and how do you cope with them? Are employers and colleagues aware of these challenges?
  • Inclusion. How can we improve understanding among our neurotypical colleagues of the benefit of integrating neurodivergent individuals?
  • Recruitment/retention. What changes need to be made to recruitment and retention processes to increase representation of neurodivergent employees in the investment industry?

All of your comments and views will be kept strictly confidential and never associated with your name. Chatham House rules apply. There was no video of this event.

The Diversity Project’s Neurodiversity Workstream

Catherine, Jennifer, Matthew, Meike, Naomi, Sonia and Vera


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