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How to attract and retain LGBTQ+ talent

Date: 11/10/2019
Why is having a diverse workforce important in the investment management industry?

While most people would agree it’s simply the right thing to do, a key benefit of having a diverse workforce is diversity of thought. Diversity of thought allows firms to understand and speak to their whole client base. Diversity of thought is a source of innovation.

Diversity of thought avoids homogeneity of thought. In short, we believe building a diverse workforce, where people can be their authentic selves and bring a range of experience and perspectives to their roles, is the means to a happier workforce and a more productive and more profitable business.

However, achieving diversity is not without its challenges.

As part of the Diversity Project, InterInvest focuses specifically on LGBT+ diversity and inclusion.

At this event, speakers and member firms focused on how we can work together to ensure that LGBT+ talent is attracted to our industry, and forms a key part of the workforce going forward.


  • Discussed the importance of attracting and retaining talent from the LGBT+ community
  • Examined the challenges the investment industry faces in attracting that talent
  • Looked at what firms are already doing well, and what we can learn from them

Who was the event for?

Recruitment firms, HR professionals, and InterInvest members

Event overview

Breakfast where we heard from guest speakers Karis Stander (Investment 2020), and Matt Cameron, (LGBT Great).

There is no webinar video available for this event.


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