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Veronique Botton

I come from a family of Engineers and wine makers. Born on the French Riviera I was nevertheless always referred to as ’la petite anglaise’, due to my fair complexion, shyness, sense of fairplay and an aptitude to back the underdogs. Funnily enough, I used to complain about the good weather and longing for the rain…

After graduating from a European Business School and studying in France, England and Spain, I moved over to England some 25 years ago and started my career in Finance. I first completed the Graduate Training Programme of SG Warburg (an historical name, now under the helm of UBS). I worked on the Sell- and Buy-sides and in large, medium and small organisations (a woman empowered unit for one of them).

I travelled a lot and love cultures and the understanding of what makes people ’tick’, so I deliberately studied languages and worked for British, Japanese, American and French organisations along the years, as an intern, employee and partner.

Needless to say that I have faced all sorts of impediments and questionable behaviours and witnessed despicable attitudes irrespective of age or gender in my career. Those were and are most certainly exacerbated by the current social media thrive which works best for some type of individuals. As such, I cannot but help thinking that all individuals, being extrovert to introvert need to be given a chance and be heard, not judged. As an experienced Investment management researcher, people skills are important to me and with that in mind I have always sought to engage openly and respectfully with everyone irrespective of their ’social’ skills’ perceived gaps.

I am married to a English Physicist and have one daughter. Him being with a Scientist is fascinating but clearly it can be challenging. I find it refreshing and I do admire the work ethics shown and perfectionnism.

My passion – though it may seem ‘cheesy’ out of context – is to make things better and contribute positively to the Neurodiversity workstream. Among other things I am a mentor for WiBF and an active member of RGS and Sustainability efforts.

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