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Terry Mellish

Terry Mellish

Head of International Public Policy and Diversity & Inclusion


I am a white British man, born, raised and still living in Essex. I was brought up in a one parent family, was the first person in my family to pass the 11+, went to a Boys Grammar school, but left at age 18 to go to work as I felt the family needed a breadwinner.

I started my City career in 1971, went on to manage a number of back office teams, and for the last 25 years have managed businesses, sales/consultant relationships and RFP teams in the UK, Northern Europe, the US, Africa and the Middle East, and overseen or directly managed client relationships in many of those markets.

In 2010, I joined Natixis Investment Managers, and in 2018, at the tender age of 65, I decided I needed to slow down and seek new ambitions, so having already being involved in a number of Diversity & Inclusion and Public Policy initiatives for some time, I asked to change my career journey (and my life) and was made International Head of both in 2019.

 I am married with two children, two grandchildren, and am a Manchester United season ticket holder!


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