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Becky Jaques

Senior Client Relationship Manager and Associate

I grew up in Bradford where I attended my local comprehensive school. I was the first person in my family to attend University and proudly studied at the University of Bradford, where I achieved a degree in Physical and Environmental Geography. My experiences as a child drive my passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and in particular social mobility. I felt it was easy to become categorised at a young age, for example being put into “sets” for academic ability, which can set you on a downward spiral of thinking that you are not good enough or end up trying to fit into what society might expect from you.  I would like to help petition the government for a radical reform of the education and funding system to develop each child’s capabilities and I want to use my experiences to help support the growth of DEI across the board.

I joined Barnett Waddingham in 2006 without any previous experience, as a pension administrator and I have progressed to a Senior Client Relationship Manager and Associate, working with several pension schemes in the Defined Benefit sector. I couldn’t have progressed without the support and guidance from my colleagues – a supportive work culture is something I see as important in driving forward DEI.  I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt and ensuring those who are just starting out in their careers have the same (if not better support) as I did. Outside my Client Relationship Manager role I support the Leeds Pension Administration apprentices as they start out in their career journeys. I also lead our Early Careers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion network, where one of our key focuses is advocating for inclusive hiring practices to ensure Barnett Waddingham is a workplace that prioritises fairness and respect. Education is key for ensuring people embrace diversity as a strategic advantage but also nurturing an environment where everyone can be heard. I want to ensure those who are starting out in their careers have equitable opportunity to develop and grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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