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Amanda Pullinger

I was born in Birmingham and was the first in my family to go to University. I went to Oxford because as a teenage girl I knew that Margaret Thatcher, also the first in her family to go to University, went to Oxford. I could see that someone like me – who went to the local school, not a fancy private school, really could get there. Brasenose College, Oxford changed my life and gave me access and opportunity I could never of dreamt of. 

After two years working in London post University, I had an opportunity to move with the company to the US. And I’ve lived and worked between the US and UK ever since. 

For 20 years, I led 100 Women in Finance, a global association of professionals in the finance industry – initially as a volunteer Board Chair and latterly as Global CEO. I am in the process of pursuing new executive opportunities and Corporate/Private Board roles.

I have always been passionate about meeting with and promoting female portfolio managers across the globe, because in order to create an environment where more women pursue investment roles, they need to be able to see that someone like them is in such a role. This passion led to the creation of 100WF’s Female Fund Manager visibility initiative.  

What the Diversity Project’s Pathways programme aims to do is to take that to the next step. Not only can aspiring portfolio managers be inspired by role models in the industry, they can learn from them –AND  be part of a network of other women like them. To change the perception of what an expert looks like is an essential part of creating meaningful change – for women themselves and for the industry.   

I’m married to John Hughes, who is a Sound Recordist for UK tv and films. In my spare time, I’m involved with a number of transatlantic non profits, including BAFTA, The HALO Trust and the Brasenose Alumni Society. 

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