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Alexandra Haggard

Alexandra Haggard

Head of European Consultant Relations for Europe, Middle East & Africa


I am white Dutch-American, went to a semi-private school in France (a French particularity) then to Stanford University where I majored in Political Science.

I spent a year riding for Olympic three-day event rider Ian Stark, before moving to London and joining Russell as an intern. I subsequently worked in Marketing, Product, and Distribution.

In 2011, I became Managing Director, Product and Marketing and part of the European Executive Committee. In January 2016, I joined Stamford Associates as CEO, where I worked for a year.

I have just started at BlackRock as Head of Consultant Relations for Europe, Middle East & Africa.

For the particular purposes of this bio, I am married, and my (British) husband and I have two (British-American) children and 2 (British) dogs. My husband is an ex-publican, now an entrepreneurial accountant running his own business

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