Vanguard is proud to support the Diversity Project. We want to be a place where people feel comfortable to be who they are; where they can flourish and feel valued and respected. We also know that embracing difference allows us to build better teams and drive better business results. It’s not just the IQ of the team that matters—it’s the composition of the team. That diversity is where ideas come from.

Being inclusive creates a more enriched work culture and reflects more of our client base. It leads to a richer debate on issues affecting Vanguard and our customers. Diversity matters at Vanguard, and to see the effect is enlightening.

We continue to develop strategies to strengthen diversity and inclusion. Our Diversity Leadership Team, a dedicated team of senior leaders responsible for setting strategy throughout the enterprise, drives our vision and commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We are very excited to be part of the Diversity Project and we look forward to collaborating with our peers to help drive industry-wide progress.