Brunel Pension Partnership

We’re strongly in favour of a more diverse culture within the investments industry as we believe this is critical to the long-term success of companies and is beneficial for investors. We demonstrate this through a board with a 50/50 gender split where the top positions, Chair and CEO, are both held by women, Denise Le Gal and Dawn Turner. In addition, throughout the company we have a roughly 50/50 gender split in staffing.

A positive working environment contributes to attracting and keeping talented staff from a broad pool of backgrounds. Flexibility regarding working hours and location enables greater productivity and contributes to employee wellbeing.

Diversity is a key element of our Responsible Investment Policy. We’re keen to work with the Diversity Project to embrace this more fully, as well as  proposed updates to the UK Corporate Governance Code, which place a welcome focus on culture, workforce engagement and diversity. We are also members of The 30% Club and will support its aim and objectives through engagement and voting.

It’s our goal to be innovative and forward-thinking with regards to every aspect of our business and the investment industry. We’re certain that deepening our own knowledge of the impact of diversity through discussion with other Diversity Project affiliates will help us to progress this aim.