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At the Diversity Project our mission is to encourage organisations to attract and retain the best and most diverse talent in order to cultivate inclusive and multigenerational workplaces, and to support and encourage all individuals to remain within the investment and savings industry throughout all life events.  To that end we are keen to promote and advance flexible working practices and a flexible working agenda across our industry.

There would seem to be a mismatch between what employees and employers want in terms of number of days in the office and more widely in terms of flexible working options. The latest CIPD research, published in June 2023, concluded that 53% of employees said remote working is key when looking for a new role, and 46% of employers said the number of people wanting to WFH has increased over the last 12 months with 60% saying they have flexible working arrangements in their current role. Furthermore 6% per cent of employees say they have left a job in the last year specifically due to a lack of flexible working, and 12% have changed their careers/profession due to a lack of flexible working options within the sector*.

The Flex Beyond Hybrid social media campaign is focussing on amplifying people’s stories on flexible working to gain further perspective from those in flexible working arrangements, and show what, how and why this works for them. The aim of this initiative is to highlight different flexible working styles and show others that there is more to SMART working than hybrid working arrangements and to demonstrate to employers the value of SMART working as key component for the future of work and building more collaborative work environments.

*CIPD research

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