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What makes an inclusive leader? Lessons from leading figures during COVID-19

Date: 18th March 2021
Inclusive leadership is key to creating an inclusive culture in which diverse talent can thrive and contribute to business success.  But what exactly is inclusive leadership?  How can you develop your inclusive leadership skills?  And how have recent events, including leading through a pandemic, enhanced our understanding of what it takes to be an inclusive leader?

In this session, we heard from leaders about their own understanding and practice of inclusive leadership. They reflected on what they have learned over the past 12 months and shared their thoughts on how their leadership approach has shifted in response to new ways of working.

Our panellists for the event were:

  • Baroness Helena Morrissey, Financier, Author, Campaigner, Non-Executive Director and Chair of The Diversity Project
  • Dean Aloise, Managing Director, US, Buck
  • Steve Butler, Chief Executive, Punter Southall Aspire
  • Tracey Rob Perera, Tech Industry Board Advisor, Chair of Equality Diversity & Inclusion Committee at ICAS

The session was interactive with participants able to ask questions through the Zoom Q&A function.

This webinar was part of Leading Figures’ ongoing research programme into the characteristics and drivers of leadership development within the finance and professional services sectors. This has involved collecting insights from both leaders and team members as well as conducting numerous face-to-face interviews.

There is not a video of this session.



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