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Neuroinclusion Roundtable: What are your superpowers?

Date: 11th March 2021
Neurodiversity can come with very distinct strengths. However, in the workplace, the focus can more often be on highlighting areas for development. How can we change perceptions of neurodiversity, so employers, managers and colleagues embrace a strengths-based approach?

We like’d to hear from you:

  • Share examples of your superpowers! Does the current set-up at work allow you to make full use of them? If not, what would need to be improved?
  • How do we best communicate the positives of neurodiversity? How can skills associated with neurodiversity be appreciated rather than deficiencies exposed?
  • Have you told your manager and/or colleagues about your strengths and how to harness them? How did they react?

This event was for DP members only. This session was not recorded.


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