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InterInvest Ally Training

Date: 14th May 2021
Allies play a vital role in the diversity and inclusion process through all aspects of our lives – personal and professional. They use their own voice to speak up for marginalised groups when those groups’ voices are not being heard.

InterInvest has created a comprehensive allyship training package which is available at no cost to firms within the investment management industry.

An introduction to our allyship training, on Thursday 13 May 2021 at 17:00, which showcased short excerpts from our training from a range of speakers who gave their own perspectives on the importance of allyship to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.


  • Deon Pillay, Head of Marketing Operations, LGIM and Co-founder, InterInvest
  • Cathy Denyer O’Leary, Senior Client Distribution Support Manager, Vanguard Asset Management and Co-founder, InterInvest
  • Fabio Peyer Senior Marketing Manager, Products & Services, EMEA, Morningstar
  • Tristan Davies Senior Business Analyst, Capital Group and Racial Equality Lead, InterInvest
  • Upasna Bhadhal, Founder, Career Collective

There is no recording available for this webinar.



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