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Fish out of Water

The Fish out of Water Campaign is based on real life stories of individuals within our industry who have often felt awkward, a little alone and a bit of an outsider at work.

It is trying to better convey what this can mean to individuals at a day to day level in their working environment. The campaign is focused on shoring our individual experiences to allow each other within our industry to feel thot they are not alone and to start a real conversation about how we can all practically help each other to feel more included   within   our community.

These are lessons for all of us irrespective of race, ethnicity or frankly even where you work – but we hope by raising our voices collectively we can highlight how things could be done better.

We started out with the mission to carry on the tradition of storytelling in the modern form. The response  has  been  immense. The  result  is a collection of incredibly powerful stories that we will be sharing with the audience through the Diversity  Project  website and relevant  social media channels, including Linkedln etc in hopes to increase awareness and encourage deeper conversations.

Our call to action is:

We want to start a real and meaningful conversation as to how we can all be more transparent of our feelings and reactions to certain work situations and be able to discuss this in a safe and open forum with no judgment or repercussions for either “side”. The discussion needs to move away from corporate speak to a deeper understanding of why people may feel excluded in the workplace and what pragmatic steps we can take to increase inclusion.

If you have felt like “A Fish out of Water” in your career, we would like to hear from you so that we can all learn from your experience.  We believe real improvements can only happen from a place of deeper understanding.

Let’s bring people in to make a real and meaningful difference in people’s everyday experiences and move the conversation forward from mission statements to real and tangible action.

To get in touch contact: [email protected].

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