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Upasna Bhadhal

Upasna Bhadhal

Upasna has been in the industry for over 12 years and is the founder of Career Collective - a platform that aims to disrupt the gender imbalance within global organisations. She consults corporates on inclusion and diversity and facilitates the hiring of senior executives within hedge funds and asset management.

She started her career recruiting for pensions and savings businesses across front and middle office. On reflection, she realised the majority of people she had worked with, especially at the most senior level, had been men and this didn't sit well with her as a self proclaimed feminist. She is a gender equity advocate and is helping to correct the imbalance that has prevailed across financial services through consulting, programme facilitation and talent strategy. 

Upasna has led multi-company return to work programmes in London and Manchester sponsored by the GEO, Google and Facebook and is an Allbright Ambassador for MotherhoodWorks. She is on the London Leadership Committee for the Worlds largest professional women's network - Ellevate. 

Upasna has a BA and MA in Political Science and International Security from the University of Nottingham and is currently studying Gender Balance at Insead Business School. 

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