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Timothy Stumpff

Timothy Stumpff



I am a white American who grew up in a small town in the rural Midwest. After university in ‘the big city’ (Kansas City) and working for a few years as an accountant, I decided to go to law school. That eventually gave me the chance to live and work on a small, remote island in the South Pacific for a few years as a lawyer, after which I moved to Washington DC to work for a large law firm.

When we started our own family at the turn of the century, I decided to stop practising law and eventually found my way to Principal, where I’ve had the opportunity to have done several different roles in different industries, in different locations, over the past 15+ years.

Having been lucky enough to experience a wide variety of jobs and industries in vastly different parts of the world, I really appreciate the benefits that cognitive diversity can bring to the workplace and to one’s life. My family (my wife and I have three teenagers – talk about cognitive diversity!) moved to London in 2014, where we all still live. 


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