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Subira Jones

Subira Jones

I am The Corporate Hippie, my mission is to redefine employee wellbeing and Make Invisible Talent Visible in the Investment & Pensions industry, by highlighting the obstacles faced by professionals with chronic conditions and disabilities.

Being a woman of Jamaican decent with a degree in Economics, I appreciate the great strides that have been taken to expand diversity in the Investment and Pensions industry, allowing me to pursue the career of my choice irrespective of race and gender! 

The myriad of intersectionality in D&I sometimes means the opportunity for evolution presents itself when you directly find yourself at a stonewall, as in my case.

Early into my career as a client reporting analyst, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, as a result of numerous burnouts throughout my personal life and needed to take a small career break. Once I had regained my health, I found myself unable to return to the industry.

This prompted me to initiate conversations with key change makers across the industry to discuss this gap in D&I at the recruitment stage; the need for smart working to increase inclusion for disabled professionals wanting to enter or return to the industry and integrated employee wellbeing.

Whilst on my career break, I retrained as a Life Coach and Strategist, with the vision to help other talented professionals avoid burnout and debilitating work stress illnesses.

In that time, I founded MPWRD Consulting, a management consulting firm that specialises in Employee Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion, allowing global organisations to ATTRACT, ACQUIRE and RETAIN a diverse and talented workforce.

When I am not advocating for D&I and delivering burnout prevention workshops, I help corporate professionals create solutions to their life stresses; avoid burnout; increase their capacity to handle work pressure, all whilst pursuing their professional goals.

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