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Ole Rollag

Ole Rollag

Managing Principal


I am a white American with a Norwegian name and a French passport. To make matters more complicated, I am from New Mexico, U.S.A., where the majority of the population is Hispanic and Native American; this is where I feel I was most influenced culturally.

I studied at The American University of Paris because I went to military school at New Mexico Military Institute and wanted to get as far away from there as possible! My dream was to do international business. I wanted to go to work each day with $500 in traveler’s checks and a passport. However, this dream was soon surpassed when my accounting teacher told me about her adventures at the Chicago Board of Trade and the life of futures trading.

And so it began, I have worked my way up the food chain of finance- from the CBOT, to the systematic trading desk at an institutional brokerage, and then into asset management; first in long only and then into hedge funds. Now, I manage an international business.


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