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Natasha Silva

Natasha Silva

Managing Director, Client Relations


I’m British Asian (mix of Sri Lankan and Mauritian heritage) and have lived and been educated in both Sri Lanka and London. I didn’t go to university, started working at Barclays straight after taking the International Baccalaureate and have recently taken up painting in my spare time.

At the age of 16, I worked for Barclays Bank Trust Company, managing client portfolios and buying and selling their stocks as part of their wealth planning, by the time I was 19. I then started working in the institutional segment of a performance measurement business called CAPS which was later acquired by BNY Mellon. This gave me a great grounding into the mechanics of pension scheme reporting and asset management; plus helped develop my network of contacts.

At CAMRADATA, where I have been since 2008, I work with asset managers and asset allocators, and as the business has developed, I have become more involved in our marketing and events. We recently acquired a publication brand, Funds Europe, which now involves more travel to Asia which I’m enjoying as it’s a market that has huge growth potential.

I don’t believe I have ever felt my ethnicity has been a barrier in my career; but I’m aware this isn’t the case across the board, so it’s a topic of interest.

I’m married, with two teenage children; am a total gym freak and also adore baking on the weekend.


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