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Meike Bliebenicht

Meike Bliebenicht

Senior Product Specialist


I am originally from Hamburg, Germany, and moved to London in 2005. In my current role at HSBC Global Asset Management I head up the Product Specialist team for our London-managed global multi-asset solutions. I very much enjoy the global interaction and overall dynamism of my role.

As an ambassador for the Diversity Project I primarily focus on neurodiversity. The term neurodiversity describes a concept where differences in neurological make-up, or brain-wiring, are considered and respected as a natural variation in humans. It includes people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD, dyslexia, and others. The differences in brain-wiring provide access to a new set of skills and perspectives and often come with very distinct talents, ranging from creative thinking to process structuring.

Being the proud owner of a neurodivergent brain myself, I am thrilled by the prospects neurodiversity will bring to the our industry. By leading the Diversity Project’s neurodiversity workstream, I aim to improve understanding of this potential to enable us to make better use of neurodiversity’s important contribution to overall diversity of thought.

Diversity Project Ambassador


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