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Mark Freed

Mark Freed


I am English, born in Birmingham I moved to London at the age of 5. I am dyslexic and with little support or understanding from schools I failed miserably academically and left education as soon as I could with no qualifications.  

In the late 1980’s I found myself selling the fintech of its day (telex machines) to financial institutions in the city and helped start the STP revolution that followed in the 90’s and beyond. Many leading asset managers around the world still rely on the technology – SWIFT, Trade Confirmation, FIX, Crest, Reconciliation systems that I first helped them implement.   

By the early 2000’s my journey took a very different path when I co-founded E2W and organisation that is focussed on supporting and helping women in their financial services careers and helping financial institutions to attract, recruit and retain them.

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and believe we now have the opportunity to drive lasting change.

Diversity Project Ambassador


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