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Loretta Lau

I am passionate about female empowerment and developing young talents. Being Hong Kong Chinese raised in Hong Kong, I attended an all-girls school with students from a diverse background (Hong Kong, India, France, US, UK, Canada), I strongly believe both genders are equally capable, determined, and ambitious to deserve fair opportunity in their professional and personal pursuits. And the idea of excellence should be a combination of ability and hard work rather than one’s identity – race & ethnicity, gender, age etc.

I have held various roles in large multinational financial corporates (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Manulife) before my current role as the Head of Asia Strategy and Corporate Management in HSBC Asset Management, responsible for its Asia strategy, M&A and corporate management activities. 
Within my 17+ years of industry experience, I have seen the Financial Services industry taking on revolutionized steps in DE&I initiatives in Asia, covering gender balance, LGBTQ, race & ethnicity, and Mental Health. But still, a lot more could be done. Throughout my career, I have recognized the unbalanced ratio of men to women in Financial Services, especially when it comes to senior positions.

I am both a mentor and a mentee myself at work, and I have signed up with Inspiring Girls Hong Kong to enable school girls to connect with female role models and show them the limitless possibilities in their future career. Through my mentees and graduate trainees, I have seen the ability and hard work of many young professionals, and I want to be part of their personal and professional development and provide them advices and opportunities to excel at their career.

Being part of the Diversity Project, I would like to be the voice and bring the voice, and raise awareness among the Asia Financial Services community.

I graduated with a BBA honours degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Hong Kong, and am currently an Executive MBA student with Kellogg-HKUST. I am also a Certified Public Accountant registered with HKICPA. When I am not working, I enjoy travel, music and art events, hiking and step counts.

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