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Lindsey Bass

I am a white, cis-gendered mother to two girls, and have been blind in one eye since the age of 5. I grew up in a creative household and had a strong held view that I would be a television producer for the rest of my life. For many years I pursued as many opportunities I could in the industry from aged 15 and through university. After a couple of years working post uni and then being made redundant, I quickly learned the term ‘pivot’ before it really became a thing. I found myself in the fashion manufacturing industry and after a rather painful 4 years, found it the right time to pivot again and plunged headfirst into finance, landing in Hedge Funds in sales/client relations team. Wow, did I feel alone and like an outcast. I learned quickly, with a modicum of bluffing, until I realised this was a universe where I could really flourish.

I’ve since spread my wings and have found my niche, as I love to connect great people, with great ideas to make great things happen. I am very fortunate to be doing a job I enjoy and get to work with some amazing people.

During my various career pivots I developed ulcerative colitis which is a physical condition you tend to keep very quiet about, but is also inextricably linked to mental health and wellbeing. I’ve learnt, again, over the years a full spectrum of wellbeing techniques. One of the reasons I love being a Mental Health First Aider.

All these experiences have left me with a strong sense of understanding what it is to be different, even if you don’t look it. And as such I’m keen to help others and give them a voice and whatever support I can.

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