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Dawn Turner

Dawn Turner

Chief Executive Officer


I was fortunate to have a mother and father who brought me up in such a way that I never thought that I would be limited because I was female. As my horizons broadened I began to realise that this wasn’t how the whole world behaved and the unfairness of this struck home strongly, and on issues wider ranging than gender. I became passionate about encouraging acceptance of difference and thinking and ensuring diversity and equality in organisations I worked for and had contact with.

At the Environment Agency when I became an executive manager I chose to take on the role of National Co-lead for the Women’s Network. 

This was for two reasons, the first being because in the initial 10 years I was with the Environment Agency the percentage of women in senior roles had not improved, but from 2009 things started to change.

It was important to me to continue the excellent leadership that had been shown by other senior women before me, who had challenged the norm and demanded more, enabling a shift from 23% female executives to 35%.

The second was as a business person and an asset owner. Diversity in the workplace has been researched and shown to make a difference on productivity, return on investment, employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction. All of these make financially material impact and as such everybody should aim to understand and take the opportunity to progress their organisations’ outlook.

When I became CEO for Brunel Pension Partnership, therefore I was determined to create an environment where everyone feels able to be themselves, and all acknowledge and accept difference of being and of thought as a cultural norm. We have 50% women and men on our Board and senior management and are committed to widening our diversity across broader characteristics.

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