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Chinmayee Thadakamalla

I am British Asian woman (born in India, raised in England). I started my career at J.P Morgan Chase, where I had recognised the shocking ratio of men to women in Financial Services.

Working with women over the past two years has made me appreciate how much of an asset women are to our industry, yet the gender pay gap still exists. I have joined the Diversity Project to give young females like myself, more of a voice in a male dominated industry.

I am very passionate about bringing to light the issues that women in our industry face and being part of a project where we can actively drive change and raise awareness around what needs to be done.

I am now working at Bruin Financial, an independent recruitment consultancy specialising exclusively in financial services jobs across London, the UK and Europe where I have an active hand in sending across diverse shortlists to all of my clients.

I am also a music manager, singer and song writer. I enjoy swimming, networking and love animals!

Diversity Project Ambassador


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