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Berfin Siyirtmac

I was born and raised in the UK, but I am originally of Turkish descent. I have a degree in Economics with Econometrics and the first member of my family to pursue a career in asset management. I had no other role models that inspired me to pursue this career path and my decision was purely driven by a combination of my passion to work with data and the fast-paced and captivating nature of financial markets.

I strongly believe that every individual deserves a fair opportunity to thrive across all industries and that progression should be a result of both ability and hard work rather than identity. However, upon joining the investment industry under a year ago I quickly came to realise that the industry suffers from a lack of ethnic and gender diversity, especially in more senior roles.

This motivated me to seek the opportunity to share my skills and experience to encourage more people, no matter their background, to join the industry and to be a voice for more diversity and inclusion as I strongly believe that diversity can bring vast amounts of value to the workplace.

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