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Anna Strillacci

Anna Strillacci

I am Italian and grew up in Luxembourg, where I learnt the true meaning of a European multi-cultural environment. I took a gap year before going to University and spent a year in an American High School in California, learning the culture and improving my English, while living with a Hindu family! My eyes were truly opened when I moved to the UK back in 1997, where I realised what diversity actually meant. I started working in finance in 2002 and after a few years I decided to take a career break to have my kids, as I felt that having a family was not conducive to having a career. I struggled for a little while before managing to get back on the career ladder, until the Returners Programmes started to emerge. I was saved!
I joined Aberdeen in 2015 as Head of Strategic Partnerships in London focusing on product strategy and product implementation. I moved to the buy side after spending years working in banking, so I feel I know both sides of the business very well.
My passion is to empower women to become whatever they set their minds to. I am a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and enjoy speaking to very inspiring entrepreneurs around the world. I am also very passionate about LGBT rights.

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