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SMART Working

What is smart working?

Smart working is often referred to as flexible working by many people and organisations. The terms flexible working/dynamic and smart working are used interchangeably. The government’s definition of flexible working is:

“A way of working that suits an employee’s needs”

There are many forms of dynamic working. It can describe a place of work, for example working from home, or a type of contract, such as part-time working, flexitime, job sharing and sift work.

Millennials see smart working as an essential part of attracting and retaining their talent within an organisation.

Join the discussion #SMARTWorking and #FlexibleWorking.

Useful documents


Please see some interesting videos regarding Smart Working below:

Jenny Ockwell: What is Smart Working/Addressing the current situation

Jenny Ockwell: What is Smart Working/Addressing the current situation

Case studies

Anthony Jeffs

Global Head of Product Platforms, HSBC Global Asset Management

Joanna Munro

Global Head of Fiduciary Governance & Chair of HSBC Global Asset Management’s UK local asset management business

Tessa Mondesir

Client Manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Zoe Muskett

Head of HR Services, EMEA, Invesco UK Ltd



Executive Shift supports an increase in the use of flexible working for executive jobs so that talented and experienced individuals can contribute to business and get more out of life.

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