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Returning to work: Craig Gregory

Case Study: Craig Gregory, Senior Digital Marketing Manager


What was the reason for your career break, and how long was your break?

When my wife returned to work from maternity leave at the end of 2014, we agreed I would take some time off from work to help look after our young family as well as undertake further study.

The break was around 9 months and coincided with our move from Sydney, Australia to the UK.

Returning from a career break, what was important to you when considering a new role / company?

Having a young family, it was important when returning to work that I was able to maintain some flexibility to allow me to take an active part in looking after our children – as much as is possible whilst working full-time in the city.

How did you search for a new role, and how would you describe this experience?

In addition to exploring the normal channels, such as job postings and contacting recruitment companies, I also reached out to my network and former colleagues to enquire about potential suitable roles – fortunately, there was an appropriate role for me at M&G!

What attracted you to M&G Investments / the investment management industry?

I’ve worked within the financial services industry for over 10 years now – both in London and Australia. M&G are a well-respected asset manager in Europe and within the UK in particular and I was keen to continue my career with such a well-respected brand.

How would you describe the support you received when you returned?

With a young family, it’s important I have flexibility to be involved with my children as much as possible.  At M&G, work-life balance is an important aspect of the company culture and it’s nice to have an understanding employer who appreciates the need to balance the needs of family life with work.

Has your career developed since?

In my time at M&G, I’ve continued to build upon my digital marketing skills as well as building upon my ability to work and communicate with colleagues at all levels of the organisation.

What advice would you give to individuals considering returning to work?

After an extended time away from the work environment, it can be daunting and there’s a feeling that you’ll have ‘lost something’ in that time and you won’t be able to re-adjust back into work. However, by finding an employer who is understanding of your situation, your re-entry to the work force can be extremely rewarding.

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