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Gender Equality – Guidance for Leaders

Leaders set the tone in an organisation and, therefore, if diverse talent is going to join and thrive in your organisation, they will look to how you behave. So what can you do to help create an inclusive culture and demonstrate your commitment to diversity?

Gender Equality – Guidance for Managers

Managers play a critical role in achieving an inclusive culture in organisations. It is they who run meetings, determine work allocation, provide feedback and support for individuals, make promotion and remuneration recommendations and set the tone around the work environment. So how can managers...

Now that I have your attention

By Gavin Lewis, Head of UK Institutional Distribution at Vanguard. Member of Diversity Project’s Steering Committee and Co-lead of Ethnicity Workstream. "1982. My father left my mother, my sister and me. I was four years old 1985. Tottenham riots Now that I have your attention... I have always...

Diversity is the solution, not a problem to solve

Fostering inclusive and more diverse workplaces can play an important role in addressing some of the most important business issues, including creating better outcomes for customers; increasing innovation; helping to attract and retain talent; enhancing reputation and brand; and ultimately...

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