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How Redington successfully embedded diversity and inclusion

Mitesh and Lee share their experiences, learning and thoughts on improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) and are keen to ensure an industry-wide dialogue with others in the asset management industry to share what has/has not worked; ‘so that we don’t all keep reinventing the wheel’. It takes time to...

Aviva - Welcoming talent back to the workforce

We know that more work needs to be done to improve the number of women in senior roles in Finance. One way we are addressing the imbalance is to remove any barriers when returning to work after an extended break. That’s why in 2018, we launched our official Return to Work programme. This provides a...

Neurodiversity glossary

Neurodiversity is a relatively new aspect of overall workplace diversity. Therefore, definitions around the topic may evolve over time. The definitions in this document aim to provide an overview to facilitate discussions on the topic.

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