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Gender balance at Standard Life Aberdeen October 2018

We aim for an inclusive workplace where everyone feels they can be themselves and are valued for what they bring. We promote diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense so we can create an environment which enables everyone to perform and progress. By building and sustaining a diverse talent...

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting 30 September 2018 update

With the first year of gender pay reporting now behind us a number of organisations are starting to disclose their year two numbers. Those who have already seen an improvement in their numbers since April 2017 may wish to report a positive movement as soon as possible. Publishing ahead of the pack...

Gender pay gap reporting Investment Management

The 5th of April 2018 marks the end of the first year of disclosures under the new UK gender pay gap reporting requirements. Just over 10,000 companies employing more than 250 people in England, Scotland and Wales have disclosed their figures, although reportedly more than 500 are yet to publish and...

Gender Equality – Guidance for Leaders

Leaders set the tone in an organisation and, therefore, if diverse talent is going to join and thrive in your organisation, they will look to how you behave. So what can you do to help create an inclusive culture and demonstrate your commitment to diversity?

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