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Timewise | Redesigning the workplace: A line manager’s guide to supporting flexible working in your team

Date: 24th June 2020

Covid-19 has ripped up the rulebook on what normal work looks like. Whole organisations and sectors, including those previously resistant to flexible working, are now taking part in a global remote working experiment. And while the circumstances are unusual (such as employees having to homeschool their children), the outlook is a positive one.

All the evidence suggests that leaders are increasingly of the view that giving employees greater control over how they work can benefit everyone involved. And employees are grasping the opportunity to prove that flexibility and productivity can be achieved together.

There is a great deal of speculation about what the world of work will look like when the Covid-19 era is over. But one thing seems clear: it won’t be the same as before. Even with social distancing measures starting to be relaxed, people will still need to work from home and stagger working hours to reduce pressure on public transport. And employees are likely to be unwilling to accept a full-scale return to the traditional office-based 9-5.

At Timewise we believe this challenging time offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for leaders and managers to transform the way their teams work. We’ve created this line manager’s guide to help you think through the short- and long-term implications of becoming more flexible, and put structures and processes in place to deliver future-fit workplaces.

It is designed to work with your own organisational policy on flexible working. You may want to review this before you get started, so you are clear on what flexible working you can support.

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