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Now that I have your attention

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Now that I have your attention

By Gavin Lewis, Head of UK Institutional Distribution at Vanguard.

Member of Diversity Project’s Steering Committee and Co-lead of Ethnicity Workstream.

"1982. My father left my mother, my sister and me. I was four years old

1985. Tottenham riots

Now that I have your attention...

I have always lamented the lack of black representation in the asset management industry. But what I find irksome is the fact that it is never discussed; as if somehow the situation is acceptable. Over the years, when I’ve discussed this with my wife, she has given me a puzzled look and asked, “Well if you don’t raise the issue, who will?” So, here I am.

The truth is that if I were not writing this, there would not be a queue of people behind me, let alone those at a senior level able to shine a light on the issue. As Dawid Konotey-Ahulu put it so powerfully in his blog, there are kinks in the hose. What does that mean? Let me bring it to life for you."


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