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Nest Case Study: Successfully Recruiting Diverse Talent

Date: 16th February 2022
The Nest Summer Internship program 2021.

Christina Finlay, Director of Data & Analytics at Nest, has always been acutely aware of the lack of diversity in her sector.

She joined Nest last year and decided it was time to tackle the diversity challenge head on. As Christina describes it, “the irony is that for a profession that prides itself on being objective, the clear gender bias in data science models is a real problem that needs addressing”.

Christina has always been a firm believer that a career in data and analytics is not just about statistics. Promoting the three-dimensional, commercial nature of a career in analytics is something that she is passionate about. She realised that the more she could promote this, the more she could help the data and analytics
sector to attract more diverse talent.

The place to start was Nest and its inaugural 2021 Summer Internship program. Christina drove the launch of Nest’s first Internship program with the clear aim to capture as diverse a pool of talent as possible.

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