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Mental Health Report – The importance of workplace wellbeing within organisations

Date: 15th May 2023

Today, the importance of workplace wellbeing is fully recognised as a key priority across organisations. The Covid-19 pandemic increased the awareness and either started or accelerated management plans to include wellbeing in business strategies.

At the Diversity Project (DP), we are fully aware of the massive intersectionality of mental health with everything else we do – in fact, intersectionality is one of our Diversity Project themes for 2023. In putting together this report, we have attempted to bring together samples of how a cross-section of companies in our industry are addressing this challenging subject.

We have interviewed 14 member firms to understand how they have approached and managed workplace mental health. Each find themselves at a different stage in their journey and we are not attempting to assess their effectiveness. We value all efforts and we are grateful to all participants for their willingness to share what has worked and where they have had to press harder to overcome challenges.

Our collective hope in providing these insights is that other member firms may find pointers to determine priorities or a workable approach to start or improve their mental health activities.

Ultimately, our objective is for all of us to learn from each other and together make progress on this vital issue.

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