Willis Towers Watson

An inclusive culture – that embraces diverse ideas and perspectives – is critical to our ongoing, collective success. We believe it will produce the best outcomes for our company, our colleagues and our clients.  It will also help create an environment that that engages our colleagues, fuels creativity and innovation and drives efficiencies.

Willis Towers Watson supports a number of inclusion networks including those for women, the LGBT community, multi-cultural, disability (our Workability network) and young professionals. 

These networks bring people together from across the business to help determine priorities and in many cases implement new initiatives.

Examples include producing guidance for line managers and maternity leavers to ensure that the return to work is well supported, training of mental health first aiders to provide additional support to colleagues, holding educational sessions that bring together colleagues – and clients – to discuss topics relevant to the pursuit of a diverse and inclusive culture, celebration of different cultural festivals to educate and increase a sense of belonging and attendance at the annual Pride march in London.