Pictet Asset Management

We believe that diversity of thought and independence of mind create an inclusive working environment which fosters the pursuit of excellence, and our search for the best talent knows no boundaries.  We aim to provide career opportunities and advancement based on merit and, aided by our ownership and governance structure, with a long-term focus in mind. 

Operating from 17 centres worldwide, Pictet Asset Management aspires to have a highly diverse workforce with a unique range of skills, distinctive talent and varied perspectives in order that we can best serve our clients’ interests and build longlasting partnerships by exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Pictet Asset Management has established a diversity and inclusion awareness programme, delivering key messages about how to incorporate diversity and inclusion into everyday business at all levels of the organisation.  All leaders and managers learn how unconscious bias can impact decision making.  We encourage mentoring, sponsorship and networking for all our employees and have policies in place to support flexibility in the workplace.