Diversity is a key component of our culture and perfectly embodies our company values of love, honesty, quality, innovation, and simplicity. We want our team to be reflective of our customers, and for our team to be the rule, rather than the exception within the wider...

KB Associates

We joined the Diversity Project not just because we thought it was the right thing to do, but because we know that building a more diverse industry now will result in better outcomes for our clients and for investors, and will ensure a strong future for the asset...

XPS Pensions Group

We want to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and recognised for their strength and where talented people can flourish and achieve their highest potential. Having people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and with a range of experiences and skills, will...


We believe that employees who can truly be themselves at work are able to reach their full potential.


Unless organisations change the way they hire, they will never properly address the lack of diversity in the boardroom. Nurole is designed to help you source, screen and hire the best and most diverse candidates.